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Everything about disinfectants

We will gradually try to answer all questions about disinfectants within our blog posts.

Why is hand disinfection important?

Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, we have all been required to practice particularly thorough hand hygiene. Disinfection has become important and is now an integral part of everyday life. But why are the hands such an important point in protecting against infection with the new type of corona virus? In the following you will learn how to protect your hands and what you have to pay attention to when disinfecting... Disinfectant differences Photo by gustavo...

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Richtige Lagerung von Desinfektionsmitteln

Desinfektionsmittel sind wichtige Bestandteile jedes Reinigungs- oder Desinfektionsprodukts. Sie bieten eine effiziente Möglichkeit, Keime, Bakterien und Viren abzutöten. Aber auch die richtige Lagerung von Desinfektionsmitteln

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