About us

In our search for a combination of an effective but at the same time caring agent to fight viruses and bacteria, we quickly realized that there is either one, or the other disinfectant on the market. We looked around in vain for a product that combined both properties. But we were not satisfied with that.

Due to our background, as well as consolidated expertise in the cosmetics industry, we quickly came up with the idea of designing a hand disinfectant with exclusive care ingredients. With our dedicated resources, we were able to take hand sanitizing to a whole new level and create the perfect, everyday companion for everyone.

How it all began

At the latest with the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic, it quickly became clear that following hygiene rules was one of the most effective ways to protect oneself from the virus. It was quickly observed that almost all people and age groups were confronted with the same problem: Stringent and repeated disinfection of the hands caused dryness and an obtrusive smell of alcohol.

For us, it was clear from the outset that hygiene and skin care do not necessarily have to compete and that effective disinfectants do not inevitably have to smell of alcohol.

For this reason, and with the utmost precision, we transferred all our knowledge combined with our findings in the field of skin care to our hand disinfectant gel.

The result? A product that hits the nerve of the time and is a wonderful as well as refreshing alternative to conventional, aggressive disinfectants.

The founders

In 2017, we, Jeffrey Schmidt and Firass Chamas, founded the company Swiss Premium Cosmetics AG. The goal: the design and production of an effective and at the same time pure skin care. We achieved our ambition by developing the luxurious skincare brand elline, which stands for a symphony of efficacy and purity.

With our extensive know-how, we decided to go one step further and combine skin care with effective disinfection. Thus, in cooperation with experts from the medical resort, the creation of WIESENBERG began.

A brand with a mission, which was to enhance people’s quality of life through skin products that protect and care at the same time.

When it comes to hand disinfection, we rethink

Proven ingredients

Our unique Anti-Dry+ formulation contains numerous herbal ingredients that have been proven to have an antiviral and antiseptic effect and have been used successfully for centuries in the fight against viruses and bacteria. On top of that, we only use first-class ethanol for our disinfectant, which protects hands from viruses as well as bacteria and prevents dry hands in line with our exclusive care active ingredient. In addition, selected ingredients give the disinfectant gel a wonderfully refreshing scent.

Responsible production

Every single one of our products comes without paraben, triclosan, microplastics and crosspolymer. As general animal welfare is close to our hearts and should always be considered in the production of skin care products, our products are also GMO-free, animal-free and vegan.

Recyclable & Refillable

We keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. For this reason, we use only recyclable packaging. All our bottles are reusable, for example the 50 ml bottle can be refilled with a few pump pushes of the 500 ml bottle.



Our disinfectant is manufactured and refined in beautiful Switzerland. This is a sign of quality, as production on site is subject to the strictest purity guidelines issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

In addition, our products are tested for shelf life and skin compatibility according to EN 14476 and certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22716:2018-12 and Cosmetic GMP.

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