Travel hygiene

Are you longing for a vacation too?

After a relaxing break at the beach or a hike in the mountains? You are not alone in this. But even after Corona, hygiene will be particularly important when traveling. Finally, hygiene standards differ from country to country.

We have a few tips for your optimal hygiene while traveling.

Hygiene auf Reisen

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Where do viruses and bacteria lurk everywhere?

If you want to maintain good hygiene while traveling, there are three important set screws. And this one is…


Depending on where you are drawn to, the water from the tap may be chlorinated or contaminated with germs.


Other countries, other customs, other ideas about hygiene. That’s why you should remember the following rule: “Cook it, peel it or forget it.” This is because cooking reliably kills all kinds of germs.

Observe hand hygiene

Smear infection? No thanks! Good hand hygiene protects you from unwanted infections while traveling.

General hygiene tips for travel

What you can do to enjoy your trip as much as possible without health restrictions? We have put together a few tips for you.

Boil water

If you are unsure about the origin or quality of water in another country, you can play it safe by boiling the water. The heat kills the germs and ensures greater cleanliness.

Wash food

Whether it’s an apple, pear, zucchini or bell bell pepper, wash fruits and vegetables before eating them, especially if you plan to eat them raw.

Roast meat through

Better too crusty than too raw. Germs such as salmonella or noroviruses like to cavort in meat. This is due, for example, to the administration of antibiotics in animal husbandry. So sizzle your meat well.

Disinfect hands

Especially at tourist points and the sanitary facilities there, invisible germs can be found, which can sometimes be harmless, sometimes harmful. So make sure you disinfect your hands. You can also carry small units of less than 100ml in your hand luggage on a flight.

Use drinking water

Especially in faraway countries, make sure that you really only consume drinking water. This should also be served in plastic bottles in restaurants and the bottle should still be originally sealed. If this is not the case, the bottle may have been filled with tap water. If the local water is not suitable for drinking, you should also brush your teeth with bottled water.

Choose restaurant correctly

An old tip among travelers is that it’s best to eat where the locals eat. They usually have the better food at better prices than the typical tourist traps. And you’re less likely to get an upset stomach there, too.

Protect against infections on the road

A trip is exciting – but only if you are fit and healthy on the road. This is how you protect yourself from infections when traveling.

Wear mask

Depending on where your trip takes you, it pays to have a mask in your luggage. In many places masks are compulsory, and in large cities with high particulate pollution you can protect your lungs by wearing a mask.


A greasy door handle, a filthy toilet or other contaminated objects can spoil your vacation quite nicely after contact. Therefore, a good disinfectant should not be missing in your luggage. Both in the airport and on ferries or long-distance buses, it also simply feels good to be able to disinfect your hands and thus get rid of all germs from others.

Can I take disinfectant with me on the plane

Here comes the good news: Yes – you can take disinfectant on the plane. The upper limit is an amount of 100ml. In addition, the container must not be made of glass and must be made of a transparent material. Then the security check before departure is no problem.

Ideally protected on every trip with the right disinfectant

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