Hand disinfectant on the go - perfectly equipped for all cases

Hand sanitizer to go: Always ready for any eventuality to ward off those nasty germs.

Whether shopping, traveling or in the office – with the right disinfectant we have everything under control.

Here you will learn how to effectively clean and protect your hands everywhere.


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Especially when traveling, it is always uncertain which germs are on objects such as doorknobs or faucets. So for an excursion or even a trip, a backpacking trip or a weekend trip, a disinfectant is just the right thing to give pathogens, germs, bacteria, fungi as well as viruses no chance.

Why hand sanitizer for the pocket is now standard practice

If soap is missing somewhere or there is no sink at all, disinfectant can replace hand washing. However, not too often, otherwise the skin dries out, cracks appear and this creates a surface for pathogens to attack.

Why precise hand hygiene is so important? Because most germs persist on surfaces for between two and seven days. Salmonella survives even longer. Depending on where you are going, there are also bacteria that your organism does not even know about yet, and which can cause a correspondingly strong reaction if they enter the body.

Hand sanitizers in small units are simply convenient. They fit in any handbag, pants pocket, even in the fullest backpack you can still get a mini vial with the wonderful little helper.

This is especially beneficial for hygiene when traveling, for example at festivals or camping trips, but also very practical in all other situations where there is no bathroom nearby. When you take a train ride, you also come into contact with surfaces that many other people have touched before you: Door opening buttons, handholds, trash cans. So in order not to carry unnecessary germs, a disinfectant is also generally very helpful for hygiene in everyday life.

The perfect size for disinfection on the go

Depending on where you’re traveling – and by what mode of transportation, a small size of sanitizer is most practical. Of course, there are also larger units, but they are more suitable for the home bathroom or professional contexts.

In the case of disinfectants containing alcohol, it is particularly important that the container is always hermetically sealed so that the alcohol does not volatilize. If the alcohol content drops, then the effectiveness is also no longer guaranteed.

What should you pay attention to?

It should be practical

Make sure you get the right size for your bag and the duration of your outing/trip/match your daily routine.

It should be small

One vial fits everywhere. So you can put small disinfectants in all your bags, in the car or in your jacket pocket. This way you are always on the safe side.

A secure closure

Choose a clasp that you can easily get open – even with one hand and even with different fingernail lengths. If you’re traveling alone, you should be able to practice your hand hygiene just as well as if you’re traveling in pairs.

The correct dosage

The opening of the disinfectant bottle should not be too large and the dosage should be easily adjustable. Too much disinfectant is an unnecessary burden for the skin.

Perfect hand disinfectant for on the go

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