Recognize effective disinfectant - what to look for!

Safety first!

In times of viruses and bacteria, the selection of an effective disinfectant is of utmost importance. But what should you pay attention to?

In this blog post, you’ll learn the most important criteria for recognizing an effective disinfectant and protecting yourself in the best way possible.

Wirksames Desinfektionsmittel erkennen – worauf man achten muss!

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Good hygiene has never hurt anyone. But especially in the corona crisis, disinfectant is a useful product to protect against infection with the novel virus. You can use it at any time, rub it on your hands and they will feel clean and perfectly disinfected. But which disinfectant is effective against what – and how can you recognize a high-quality disinfectant against viruses?

Characteristics of highly effective disinfectants

If you want to buy an effective disinfectant against viruses that will serve you well in everyday life, you can pay attention to several aspects. Especially if you know you are infected with a virus, you should be scrupulous about carrying an effective disinfectant to minimize the risk of infection to others. Here’s how to recognize an effective disinfectant:


In fact, you can recognize high-quality disinfectants just by smelling them. The main ingredients of effective disinfectants are alcohols, such as ethanol or propanol. Ethanol is also known to be found in alcoholic beverages, but is also used as a carrier for perfumes and deodorants. So at the drugstore, you can take a quick scent sample. If no alcoholic odor is noticeable – even disinfectants with fragrance should still have alcohol odor coming through – you should leave that disinfectant and keep looking.

By the way, disinfectants against viruses can also smell of chlorine. This is then a sure sign that this preparation is not suitable for hands, but can be used for surface disinfection or room care. Disinfectants that are unsuitable for the skin but reliably clean instruments in medical practices and hospitals are also used in the medical context.


If you have a chance to test the disinfectant before you buy it, put a little of it in your hand and examine the consistency. After all, high-quality disinfectant causes a slightly cooling sensation on the skin and this should feel pleasant. In addition, it does not need to be wiped off because it is absorbed into the skin on its own. However, if the product settles on your skin like water and doesn’t absorb easily, you’d better not choose this disinfectant.


Lastly, let’s take a look at the packaging. Disinfectants against viruses and bacteria fall under the EU Biocide Regulation because they act against microorganisms that can be dangerous to humans and animals. Therefore, information about hazards and ingredients must be provided on the packaging. If ethanol or propanol are listed as the main active ingredient, this disinfectant can be used to clean hands. If it contains more than 60 percent alcohol, it is very likely to be effective against viruses. However, the label “virucidal” or “limited virucidal” provides certainty in this respect. Optimally, the product has a moisturizing effect and thus dries out the skin less.

Observe spectrum of action

Overall, before buying a disinfectant, you should consider what you expect from a product. All products give you the feeling that you have perfectly clean hands after use. But not every disinfectant destroys viruses….

Disinfection gel against corona

If you want a disinfectant for your purse or backpack that is effective against coronaviruses and also against the novel SARS Covid-2, you should choose a disinfectant that is limited virucidal. This means that such a disinfectant easily eliminates enveloped viruses – and coronavirus is also an enveloped virus. So, if the disinfectant package states that this product is effective against all enveloped viruses, you can go for it. Of course, you can also purchase the highest efficacy level – a virucidal preparation – but that is unnecessary in this context.

Buy disinfectant virucidal

In principle, it is a good idea to have a virucidal disinfectant to protect yourself reliably against all viruses and bacteria. Either way, these disinfectants destroy important proteins for viruses, which prevents them from spreading. Of course, it is a plus if the disinfectant also has a pleasant scent and is kind to the skin.

Meaning virucidal

The term “virucidal” means that this renders viruses harmless. Disinfectants against viruses attack the protein layer(s) that protect the genetic material in both non-enveloped and enveloped specimens, thereby rendering the virus harmless. This is important, for example, if you have come into contact with a virus with your hands. Disinfection gives it no chance to enter your organism.


Both odor and consistency indicate whether a disinfectant is useful. Even limited virucidal disinfectant provides excellent protection against the novel coronavirus, but masks or face shields should not be forgotten. Also, pay attention to the information on the packaging of your disinfectant, such as hazard statements and ingredients, to find the best product.