Dry skin due to disinfection

More and more, disinfectant is becoming part of our everyday life. Whether after shopping with a shopping cart or a ride on public transportation, to protect yourself from bacteria and viruses, a disinfectant is a safe and effective tool.

But conventional disinfectants often have the side effect of drying out the hands.

We’ve compiled the information for you on why this is and how you can prevent getting dry hands from disinfectants.

Trockene Haut durch Desinfektion

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Why does disinfectant dry out the skin?

The fact that disinfectants dry out the skin is due to the ingredients. The active ingredient of most virucidal disinfectants – i.e. preparations that are effective against viruses – are alcohols such as ethanol and isopropanol. These attack the protective layer of the virus and destroy the protein structures inside. But these alcohols also extract water from the skin, which causes the dryness. And then some people suddenly have extremely dry hands from disinfectants and have to try to counteract that.

Disinfectant harmful to hands

Since disinfectants make the skin drier, there is also a risk of irritation and redness, and in the worst case, cracking or skin diseases. This should definitely be prevented, as the skin is also part of the immune system. And should the skin be damaged and unhealthy, it is again a target for pathogens that can enter the organism through the skin.

Disinfectant ingredients

The ingredients of a disinfectant are important factors in determining how much damage the skin can – or cannot – sustain. Because especially disinfectants with care factor can help you to keep your hands healthy and soft – without having to give up a good cleaning. You should pay attention to the following ingredients:


This alcohol is less aggressive to the skin than isopropanol, which is also popular. If you want to protect and clean your skin, you can make sure to use a disinfectant with a high ethanol content


This is a substance you probably don’t want in your disinfectant because it can cause contact allergies. In addition, regular use of a disinfectant containing triclosan can lead to resistance, so that the product loses its effectiveness over time.

Natural ingredients

Natural ingredients can support the health of the skin. So it’s better to go for a disinfectant that may cost a little more, but contains tea tree oil or other soothing natural ingredients, for example, rather than a cheap competitor’s product.

How to prevent dry hands from disinfectants

You want to prevent getting dry hands from disinfectant in the first place? Then we have a few tips for you.

Less is more

Disinfect your hands less often and wash them instead if they are visibly dirty.

Always diligently cream

Use a greasy cream and moisturize your skin with it.

Pampering moments

Give your hands a break and pamper them with a hand mask.

Hand washing instead of disinfection

Wash your hands with cold rather than warm water. This protects the natural acid mantle of the skin.

Hand cream or the right disinfectant right away

An alternative to a hodgepodge of cosmetics is choosing the right sanitizer to prevent dry hands. The right product not only keeps you hygienic, but also counteracts dehydration, so there’s only one bottle in your handbag and you can leave the hand cream at home.

Hands disinfectants contain harmful substances?

Some disinfectants can contain harmful substances, such as the triclosan mentioned above, which is considered an absolute bacteria killer, but can also cause resistance to develop. Aldehydes should also not be present in your hand sanitizer. In detergents, on the other hand, aldehydes are mostly the cleaning chemical that is important for hygiene. In any case, one should not be constantly exposed to the fumes of disinfectants of any kind.

Is disinfectant generally harmful?

In general, disinfectant is a good helper when it comes to fighting infections and viruses. Only excessive use can cause skin damage due to disinfectants. That is why it is important to disinfect in a targeted manner and to teach school children in particular how to use disinfectants correctly in order to prevent poisoning or other damage to health.

Disinfectant gel that does not dry out the hands

We have developed a product with which this does not happen. We at Wiesenberg have developed a disinfection gel that takes hygiene to a new level. This is due not only to the exclusive care ingredient that pampers and moisturizes your skin, but also to the soothing tea tree oil and the activating Litsea Cubeba oil. So in addition to hygiene, our formulation provides protection for your hands and a wonderfully fresh scent. Just try it out.