Disinfectant with fragrance - is there good smelling disinfectant?

Fragrant disinfectant: a boon for the senses and health?

In times of increased hygiene regulations, many are looking for a pleasant scent that protects us from unwanted germs. But are there really disinfectants that are not only effective, but also smell good?

We get to the bottom of the question.


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Disinfectant is practical – no question about it. It kills viruses and bacteria in a short time, it only takes a few drops rubbed on the hand and between the fingers – and the good feeling of cleaning sets in.

But the smell of conventional disinfectants is usually clinical, sharp and not at all pleasant. More and more manufacturers now advertise that their disinfectant has a fragrance. But what good are disinfectants with fragrance really? We have collected useful facts for you.

Does fragrance weaken the effect of disinfectants?

Now, when you’re standing in front of the shelf of disinfectants in the drugstore, you’re spoiled for choice. Should it now be a disinfectant with fragrance? Or would you rather do it without? In the end, the scent may limit the effect of the disinfectant?! Do not worry, the effectiveness of a disinfectant is guaranteed in any case.

If the ingredients from the disinfectant of your choice are high quality and include essential oils, for example, then this is actually beneficial. Indeed, it has already been proven that certain essential oils, such as tea tree oil, have an antivirulent and soothing effect for the skin. These then even prevent skin irritation and redness and in turn provide a pleasant scent.

Can disinfectant smell good?

Olfactorically, classic disinfectants based on alcohol (ethanol or isopropanol) on hydrogen peroxide or aldehydes are of course not a special experience. However, there are many types of disinfectants and especially surface and object disinfectants containing hydrogen peroxide or aldehydes have a very acrid smell and should be used very selectively.

But hand sanitizers in particular can smell really good – namely when the formulation for the product is developed with the utmost care and precision and, in addition to perfectly cleaning the hands, also aims to provide a pleasant application experience. In any case, there are now disinfectants on the market that smell like matcha tea, thyme, lavender and citrus – making hand hygiene a whole lot nicer.

Where does the typical disinfectant smell come from?

The fact that disinfectants classically smell the way they do, rather sterile, like alcohol, clinical, a bit pungent – there’s a reason for that, though. In hand disinfectants, alcohol is usually the active ingredient, and only when a certain amount of alcohol is present does the product develop its cleansing effect. If there is too little alcohol in the product, this weakens the effect, as microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria are no longer effectively attacked.

In the case of enveloped viruses such as the novel coronavirus, the product attacks the lipid layer that surrounds the protein-containing core. This dissolves the structure of the virus and destroys the genetic material. However, if your disinfectant bottle is left open for too long, the alcohol will evaporate, the effectiveness will decrease and protection against viruses and bacteria can no longer be guaranteed.

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