Caring hand disinfectant - does it exist?

Hygienic hands are more important than ever. However, effective hand disinfection is often associated with dry skin and cracked fingers.

But are there actually caring hand sanitizers that are both effective and gentle on the skin?

We set out on a search.


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Disinfectants have a not unjustified reputation for damaging the skin. In fact, excessive use of disinfectants may well dry out the skin, irritate it and ultimately make it vulnerable to pathogens and other germs. Why this is so and what you can do about it, we have compiled below for you.

How does hand sanitizer damage the skin layer?

Especially people in nursing professions, in the food industry or in research activities that take place in the laboratory complain time and again about dry hands caused by disinfectants. After all, scrupulous hygiene is immensely important here and can make the difference between a positive or negative test result, cure or disease. It is therefore all the more important to know how disinfectants can attack the skin and how to prevent this damage.

Drying out

What happens during disinfection? Most often, the ingredients in disinfectants are alcohol-based. This acts as an active agent and kills the germs, bacteria and viruses. That is why it is difficult to do without this ingredient. However, the alcohol dissolves fat components from the skin, which in turn causes the dry skin feeling.


If the dryness of the skin is not counteracted, the skin can become so stressed that it cracks. To prevent this, it is important to moisturize the skin. Not only when cracks are present, the skin is more vulnerable, because the disinfectant attacks the natural acid mantle of the skin


Massive disinfectant use can cause intolerance and lead to eczema. Therefore, disinfectants should be used with care and countermeasures should be taken quickly in the event of dryness. Nevertheless, there is no reason to panic – at most to be mindful if you want to take your disinfectant with you on the road. Anyway, having a hand cream in your bag is never a mistake. This way, you can provide your skin with refatting ingredients if your disinfectant does not compensate for the drying effect by itself.

Use disinfectants with a caring component!

What can you do about it now? You could make sure your sanitizer doesn’t have any bells and whistles. Glycerin, surfactants, water and alcohol – ethanol or isopropanol – are present in just about every disinfectant. However, unnatural fragrances can irritate the skin. Therefore, if your skin is prone to irritation anyway, you should look for natural ingredients. So you can definitely use hand sanitizers with fragrances, but you should be a little careful if your skin is sensitive to them.

How to make skin disinfectant caring and less irritating?

If you are looking for a caring disinfectant, you need to filter well. After all, the offer is broad, but also contains many cheaply produced, quickly developed products. If you want an effective cleanser, you need to look for a high alcohol content. However, ingredients such as tea tree oil or other essential oils also provide a caring effect. Disinfectants with active care ingredients are particularly effective. These have a direct preventive effect against possible dryness. You won’t have to worry about your skin at all. But first you have to find the right product.

The best and skin-friendly disinfectant!

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