Virucidal disinfectants

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Would you like to buy a new disinfectant that not only protects you reliably against bacteria, but also against viruses? Then you need a virucidal disinfectant. We at Wiesenberg have broken down exactly what that means and what you need to look out for when buying.

● What does virucidal mean?

The term "virucidal" means "effective against viruses". Products that are labeled as virucidal therefore render viruses harmless. A synonym for "virucidal" is "antivirulent". There is a clear difference to the "bactericidal" or "antibacterial" mode of action, because this type of disinfectant is effective against neither enveloped nor non-enveloped viruses.

● Constituents of disinfectant

Which ingredients are actually processed in virucidal disinfectants? Here is an overview.

Alcohol: Ethanol and isopropanol are the alcohols that are the preferred active ingredients in hand disinfectants. From an alcohol content of 70 percent, a disinfectant is highly effective against viruses.

Glycerol: Not every sanitizer contains glycerol or glycerin, but this ingredient is especially useful in hand sanitizers as it is a fantastic moisturizer.

surfactants: Oil and water don't mix? Yes, with the help of surfactants. This is because they lower the surface tension.

Essential Oils: Why shouldn't a virucidal disinfectant also smell good? Essential oils not only provide a good smell, but can also have a calming, antibacterial and preventive effect against skin irritation.

● How do you recognize virucidal disinfectants?

If you want to buy virucidal disinfectants, there is a large selection of products available in the drugstore. How are you supposed to climb through this wide range? You can pay attention to these things when buying disinfectants:

  1. Look at the packaging. If it says something like "virucidal", "limited virucidal", "limited virucidal PLUS" or "antivirulent", the disinfectant is effective against many viruses, but not against all. However, you can use it to protect yourself against the new type of corona virus.
  2. The alcohol content should be 70 percent or even higher.
  3. Watch out for the smell. It should be as clinical and clean as possible. The smell of alcohol in this case is a good sign.

● disinfection spectrum of action

So what does “limited virucidal” or “fungicidal” mean? We have put together an overview of the various target organisms and modes of action for you.

bactericidal: Killing bacteria of any kind - that is the definition of the word bactericidal. The alternative term is: antibacterial. Both designations can be found on disinfectant bottles.

fungicide: A fungicidal disinfectant kills fungi, but also kills their spores so they can't spread.

limited virucidal: A limited virucidal virus can destroy enveloped viruses but not non-enveloped ones. In enveloped viruses, the core is protected by a lipid membrane.

viruzid:  Whether enveloped or non-enveloped virus - a virucidal disinfectant gets them all. It kills enveloped viruses such as corona or influenza viruses as well as non-enveloped viruses such as adenoviruses, enteroviruses and hepatitis A.

● Disinfectants virucidal against Corona?

In order to kill any corona viruses on the hands, you only need a limited virucidal disinfectant, since the new SARS-CoV-2 is an enveloped virus. SARS stands for severe acute respiratory syndrome. And the disease that causes it is called Covid-19. The virus is transmitted by droplet infection, and these droplets are primarily produced when you cough and sneeze. Only gradually do they sink to the ground and are then harmless. As long as they are airborne, they can be inhaled and cause damage to another organism. Alternatively, the pathogen can enter the organism via the mucous membranes, for example if you touch your face with your hands or rub your eyes. It becomes dangerous when the virus cells spread to the lower respiratory tract and cause pneumonia, in which the affected areas swell, mucus forms and fluid collects, which can lead to shortness of breath and lack of oxygen. That is why a virucidal or limited virucidal disinfectant is the simplest and most effective means - in addition to mouth and nose protection - to protect yourself from infection with Corona.

● Virucidal hand sanitizer where to buy

Basically, you can buy virucidal disinfectants in pharmacies as well as drugstores. You can also get advice in the pharmacy, which is of course advisable for allergy sufferers. And of course you can find suitable products for your hygiene online. Basically, we recommend studying the list of ingredients well and comparing prices.

● Buy the best virucidal disinfectant

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