Strong immune system against the coronavirus

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Especially in times of Corona it is worth the to strengthen defences, because our organism has experience with colds, but not with the new type of corona virus. We'll show you what you can do to make your to strengthen the immune system.

● How does our immune system work?

In fact, the human immune system is quite complex, made up of many organs, tissues and cells, such as the tonsils, liver, lymph nodes and mucous membranes. These components of the immune system register when pathogens want to invade the organism - and the immune system reacts with symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose and others. If that immune system strong is set, it prevents us from getting really sick or ensures that we survive the disease well and defeat it. Let's get a little more specific about that. Our immune system has the following tasks:

self protection: Through a healthy diet and exercise, the immune system becomes strong enough to show many pathogens the door straight away.

disease control: If a pathogen has made it into the human organism, the immune system fights the disease and protects the body from damage.

non-specific immune defense: The non-specific immune system is the body's natural defence. This is not programmed for specific germs, but fights foreign microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungi and many more. The white blood cells help with this.

specific immune defense: The human body only develops this type of defense over the course of life. The specific defense usually sets in after the non-specific immune defense and reacts specifically to foreign organisms and potential attackers.

immune system components

Our immune system is made up of many elements, which ideally interact seamlessly....

mucous membranes: The mucous membranes are located in the eyes, nasal cavities and pharynx. When these mucous membranes dry out, bacteria and viruses have an easier time entering the body.

almonds: The tonsils are located in the throat and contain defense cells. If necessary, these form antibodies against the respective invader.

Lymph nodes and pathways: Defense cells accumulate in the lymph nodes. Antibodies are transported in the associated lymphatics to where they are needed.

bone marrow: The bone marrow is also part of the immune system and forms precursors and mature defense cells. So, a healthy bone marrow is quite important for the overall immunity of an organism.

White blood cells: In fact, the white blood cells can be described as a particularly important part of the immune system, as they house the indispensable cells - namely granulocytes, monocytes and macrophages.

spleen: This often underestimated organ contributes to the immune system by storing defense cells.

High: The largest organ of the human body is the skin. Pathogens and pollutants bounce off it first. Healthy skin is almost half the battle for good immunity.

● How can the immune system be strengthened?

about that to strengthen the immune system - and to protect yourself not only against Corona, but also against other diseases, there are several things you can do.

○ Proper nutrition against Corona

■ Beans

■ Broccoli

■ dark berries

■ carrots

■ Garlic

■ Nuts

■ red bell pepper

■ citrus fruits

Why these foods are particularly good for them Strengthening of the immune system are? They provide a lot of vitamin A, vitamin B6 and B12, vitamin C, D and E as well as selenium, zinc and iron. You don't necessarily have to take dietary supplements. Some preparations are unhelpful compositions, the effect of which you can also achieve with fresh vegetables and fruit.

○ Enough sun and fresh air

The sun provides vitamin D, which is why you should grab every ray of sunshine that shows up in the sky, especially in winter. In summer, don't forget to apply lotion to protect your skin.

Sport also strengthens the heart, stimulates blood circulation and releases adrenaline. The hormone in turn drives the immune cells to multiply faster. White blood cells, lymphocytes and the so-called killer cells are then also present in higher concentrations in the blood. And of course sport has the positive side effect of shaping the body. Sports that are particularly recommended are running, cycling, inline skating and Nordic walking. Can it be something more experimental? Then try rope skipping or trampoline exercises.

○ Sufficient fiber

A healthy intestine is an important support for the immune system. After all, 80 percent of the immune cells are located in the digestive tract. Dietary fiber ensures orderly digestion and defense.

○ Little stress, enough sleep

Good stress management and enough sleep are not only essential for the immune system. During the sleep phases, for example, minor infections that could otherwise develop into major health problems can be fought.

○ Immune system supplements

Dietary supplements are always useful if you have intolerances or deficiency symptoms. However, no herb has yet been grown or discovered against the novel coronavirus, so hygiene is still the number one strategy against it. But if you want to strengthen your immune system with the help of dietary supplements, you should pay attention to high quality and not trust dubious miracle cures. We recommend omega 3, vitamin D3 or zinc from established manufacturers if required.

● Support the immune system with sufficient disinfection

Desinfektion ist ein effektiver Schutz, allerdings nur dann, wenn nicht pausenlos desinfiziert wird, denn das kann zu Hautschäden führen. Um die Haut zu schonen, kannst du deine Hände waschen, statt zum Desinfektionsgel zu greifen. Desinfektionsmittel lohnen sich insbesondere im öffentlichen Raum, wenn du einen Einkaufswagen geschoben oder den Halteknopf im Bus gedrückt hast.

● What weakens the immune system?

Which factors weaken the immune system can be stated quite succinctly. You should pay attention to these things:

Stress: Stress hormones can overload the immune system, which reduces the proportion of immune cells.

excessive alcohol consumption and smoking: both vices temporarily turn off or weaken significant parts of the immune system. Smoking also has a negative effect on the number of antibodies in the blood.

Too little movement: Long periods of sitting slow down the metabolism, which in turn weakens the intestines. the Strengthening of the immune system movement then stops, the defense cells multiply more sluggishly.

● Healthy lifestyle against corona infection

You see: It's worth it, consciously to strengthen the immune systemto start exercising and to try one or the other recipe that uses fresh ingredients. And a good immune system not only protects against Corona, but actually makes you happier...

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