Disinfectants and pregnancy - is disinfection dangerous?

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Are you expecting a baby and worried whether the use of disinfectants could affect your little darling's development? We have all the information about it disinfectants and pregnancy collected for you.

Disinfectants and pregnancy

Vapors, ingredients, alcohol content, protection factor against infections - logical when it comes to your baby and the right way to deal with it disinfectants during pregnancy goes, mindfulness is not wrong. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry if you are careful with disinfectants and pay attention to proper hygiene. This includes, for example, washing your hands before disinfecting them if they are very dirty, and regularly moisturizing and greasing your hands with the help of appropriate creams.

However, expectant mothers are subject to the Maternity Protection Act and, according to the regulations, may only be employed to a limited extent or not at all if a risk to the expectant mother cannot be ruled out. These factors can be mutagenic, carcinogenic, toxic or otherwise hazardous. Compliance with the applicable limit values must also be guaranteed.

○ What are the risks of using the wrong disinfectant?

Surface disinfectants in particular are known to cause acrid fumes. If possible, you should not inhale these – whether you are pregnant or not. These vapors are less harmful to your unborn child and primarily to your respiratory system in the long term if you are regularly exposed to them.

When it comes to hand disinfection, it is also not to be expected that your child's organism could be damaged by contact with a product containing alcohol or via the respiratory system. So you can carry out your hand hygiene with peace of mind. Your baby is safe as long as you don't drink the sanitizer. Pay attention to the instructions on the packaging and disinfect your hands accordingly.

○ Observe the information on the packaging

Every sanitizer package comes with a few pointers to help you use and store the product properly so you get the best results. The instructions include the amount of disinfectant per application and the exposure time, but also pictograms with warnings.

○ Easily identify safe disinfectants

You are probably familiar with the small symbols that indicate flammability or other potential hazards that can arise if handled improperly. Since disinfectants are subject to strict regulations, this information must appear on the packaging of reputable suppliers. You will find the following information on disinfectants:

If you see this sign, it means that the liquid or hygiene gel is flammable. You should keep the product away from heat or flame. The fact that disinfectants are flammable is explained by the high alcohol content.

This pictogram indicates that the product may be corrosive or irritant. In addition, it indicates a lower systemic health risk.

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