Disinfectants & children – where are the dangers lurking?

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Since Corona has made the topic of hygiene almost omnipresent, parents are increasingly asking themselves how to deal with the topic Disinfectants in children to deal with. We answer the most frequently asked questions about...

● Hand disinfection for children

As great as the abundance of hygiene products and disinfectants for adults is - for children there are still no corresponding, officially approved counterparts recommended by the RKI. However, the common disinfectants contain a high proportion of alcohol. How suitable are such Disinfectants for children? And is it even important to disinfect children's hands?

Why is disinfection particularly important for children?

Children can also become infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, as well as with all other viruses, or act as carriers. That is why children should also wash their hands regularly and, ideally, disinfect them. Of course, this is not always easy with small children. After all, the little ones explore their environment in the toddler phase not only with their fingers and eyes, but often also with their mouth...

○ Hazards & Risks

...and that brings us to the dangers and risks. Just like in adults, unnatural colors and scents can cause allergic reactions, so parents should look for products with natural ingredients. As long as the exposure time of the product is observed and the disinfectant cannot get into the organism - i.e. through the mouth or eye contact - it is safe to use. With younger children, you should take over the disinfection and prevent the child from touching his face with his hands before the end of the exposure time. Otherwise, symptoms of poisoning can occur, such as vomiting, irritation of the eyes or mouth, coughing or abdominal pain.

● Is there hand disinfection specifically for children?

Disinfectants specially developed, tested and approved for children are still not on the market. However, this does not mean that it is forbidden for children to use commercially available disinfectants. We developed our disinfectant with the intention of teaching children how to disinfect their hands and that hand disinfection can also be fun. We know how delicious our sanitizers smell and look, so close supervision is required. Therefore, always keep the disinfectant out of the reach of children and, if it comes into contact with the eyes or swallowed, rinse your eyes and mouth thoroughly.

● Safe disinfection for children - wipes, gel or spray

If you want to disinfect your children's hands safely but gently, we recommend wipes, gel or spray. These products have the following advantages and disadvantages.

disinfectant wipes: The benefits of disinfectant wipes are very clear. They release fewer vapors and thus offer a high level of respiratory safety. They are also available in several packaging sizes and are easy to handle. The disadvantage: waste is generated.

disinfectant gel: Disinfectant gel does not drip, fits in every diaper bag and mostly provides moisture. In addition, it is quickly absorbed into the skin. The downside is that there are few quality products on the market that don't leave hands feeling sticky after use.

disinfectant spray: Spray is particularly suitable for surfaces. It is not fully recommended for children as it can drip and settle on clothing or toys.

Disinfectant poisoning more common

Despite all concerns about pathogens, it should still be mentioned that children under the age of five are particularly at risk of suffering from symptoms of poisoning. In any case, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention urgently warned against poisoning by alcohol-based disinfectants in children. So keep a close eye on your children when they have just cleaned their hands.

● What can you should pay attention to

Anche se non ce n'è ancora uno Disinfectants for children through the approval and on the list of the RKI, children can disinfect their hands. The alcohol in common products has no influence through pure skin contact. A care ingredient is also gentler on children's hands. If possible, it is better to use a caring disinfectant. And to make it a little nicer for children: choose a scented disinfectant. Be sure to follow the hazard warnings on the label - disinfectants are usually highly flammable and should therefore be kept away from heat and flames.

● Guaranteed safe disinfectant from WIESENBERG

We at WIESENBERG give everything for your safety and hygiene. That's why we have developed a disinfectant gel for the whole family. Whether a small bottle for the backpack or as a storage bottle for the bathroom - we offer different sizes, so that our disinfectant is versatile but above all can be used by the whole family in any situation.

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