Can disinfectant expire?

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„Hatten wir denn nicht noch ein Desinfektionsmittel?” Lange war Desinfektion für die meisten Menschen mit Arztbesuchen verbunden, denn in den Arztpraxen wabert schliesslich Desinfektionsmittelgeruch durch die Räume. Aber im eigenen Alltag kam Desinfektion fast nicht vor. Klar kann man mal ein durchschlagendes Reinigungsmittel zur Raumpflege nutzen, aber auf die Idee, ständig ein Desinfektionsmittel mit sich zu führen, wären die meisten vor der Coronakrise wohl nicht gekommen. Deswegen haben wir einen Überblick für dich zusammengestellt, in dem du erfährst, ob disinfectant expire can - and how the effect changes over time...

● How long does disinfectant keep?

In fact, many disinfectant labels have an expiration date on them. Regardless of this date, however, it is recommended that the contents of a bottle not be used for more than one year after opening. Especially in a professional context - i.e. in clinics, retirement homes, catering companies - it is advisable to note the opening date on the bottle so that you know exactly whether the disinfectant can still be used without hesitation. In the private area you can try to estimate how long the bottle has been open. You rarely use disinfectants and the bottle is from the Stone Age? Better get rid of it then.

By the way: don't leave your disinfectant out in the open. For many disinfectants, alcohol is the important active ingredient against pathogens and germs, and if the bottle is left open for a long time, the alcohol can evaporate and the effectiveness cannot be guaranteed. With a disinfectant dispenser, you can check that the disinfectant is airtight as long as the pump is not activated.

● Can disinfectant drain?

And, Disinfectant can expire. However, if you are counting on a strong effect against viruses such as the novel coronavirus, you should buy a new product after the expiration date, as the effectiveness can be greatly reduced and the safety is correspondingly low. The alcohol may have evaporated over time, which weakens the denaturing effect against viruses, bacteria or fungi. You don't need to fear damage, but don't expect protection either.

● Shelf life of alcoholic disinfectants

Die Wirksamkeit von alkoholischen Desinfektionsmitteln ist nachgewiesenermassen hoch, doch diesen Vorteil geht schnell verloren, wenn das Desinfektionsmittel unsachgemäss gelagert wird. Die Wirksamkeit hält länger, wenn der Kanister oder die Flasche luftdicht abschliessen und so der Alkoholgehalt weiter hoch bleiben kann. Dann kann das Produkt bei der Anwendung das Erbgut von Bakterien, Viren oder anderen Mikroorganismen angreifen, zerstören und dadurch ihre Weiterverbreitung stoppen.

● Proper storage of hand sanitizer

If you have a supply of disinfectant, you will have a lot of it if you follow these storage tips:

close airtight: keep the container closed at all times to prevent the alcohol content from decreasing.

away from heat and flames: Due to the high alcohol content, disinfectants are highly flammable and should therefore be stored away from heat and flames. Best in a cool place like the garage or basement.

clearly marked: if there is a mix-up with disinfectants, this can have dire consequences. For this reason, self-made disinfectants should also be clearly labelled. Ingredients, date of manufacture and opening date must be on the label.

Shelf life exceeded - what to do?

If that Disinfectant expired is, you should definitely replace the product. When buying a new disinfectant, pay attention to its effectiveness against viruses if you want to use it to protect yourself against infection with the new type of corona virus. Disinfectants must not be discharged into the sewage system. It is best to dispose of the expired preparation at the local recycling center. 

● Expired disinfectant - less effective!

The only risk involved expired disinfectant exists is a less strong effectiveness. However, especially in times of Corona, perfect effectiveness against enveloped viruses is important - the new type of corona virus is an enveloped virus and can be combated with the help of limited virucidal or limited virucidal Plus disinfectants. So if you want to protect yourself and others, you shouldn't look at this expired disinfectants put.

● Ideally protected with new disinfectant

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