Are disinfectants dangerous?

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Since it has become increasingly clear that disinfection is particularly essential for combating the new type of corona virus, more and more products are coming onto the market that promise resounding success in disinfection. But which ingredients are really important for thorough hygiene? Are Disinfectant dangerous? What things must be observed when using it in order to avoid risks? We have the answers for you.

● Hand disinfection is now more important than ever

Even before the pandemic, hand hygiene was important. Hygiene is a top priority on a daily basis, especially in hospitals, medical practices, retirement homes and catering companies. Since the novel corona virus reached us, disinfection is now part of everyday life for all of us. Bottles of disinfectant can be found in almost every car, handbag and bathroom. Regular cleaning is helpful to protect yourself from infection with SARS-CoV-2, but the product must have at least limited virucidal activity and be effective against enveloped viruses. But like so many things, disinfectants also have their disadvantages...

● Dangers from disinfectants?

Again and again, experts from the fields of skin medicine and the environment warn of the dangers of disinfectants. They are carcinogenic, allergenic and harmful to the lungs. At the same time, millions of doctors and nurses have to disinfect their hands several times a day. which Hazards from disinfectants is there now so with moderate use in private?

● Can the use of hand sanitizer affect health?

In fact, disinfectants have side effects that should be carefully considered. Because hand disinfectants contain a lot of alcohol, for example, which removes fat from the hands. If this factor is not considered enough, it can actually lead to health damage...

○ Disinfectant leads to dry skin

Fat percentages are important for skin health, especially your hands. If the alcohol in disinfectants removes fat from the skin, the hands become dry. However, you can do something to counteract this effect: use greasy hand creams, never combine hand washing and disinfection and, above all, do not disinfect too often. Dry hands are not bad at first, but in the long run cracks, redness or irritation can occur - up to and including eczema and skin diseases. It is therefore important to prevent dry hands directly.

○ Too much disinfection can lead to resistance

Disinfectants with alcohol not only remove fat from the skin, but also attack the skin's natural protective acid mantle. This reduces the proportion of good bacteria, and "bad" bacteria can open the door to pathogens and resistance. The Hamburg consumer advice center even warns of resistance to antibiotics, which can develop as a result of excessive use of disinfectants. Don't worry, if you disinfect your hands sparingly, this is not to be expected.

○ Allergies caused by too much hand disinfection

Yes, that can actually happen. Allergies are particularly evident from disinfectants with coloring and odorous substances. So if you know about your allergies, you should study the list of ingredients before buying. A risk of developing asthma is particularly high in jobs where you are frequently exposed to the fumes of strong disinfectants. Ideally, you ventilate the corresponding rooms during or after using surface or instrument disinfectant and wear disposable gloves.

What should you watch out for with hand sanitizer?

Are you looking for an effective hand disinfectant against viruses such as influenza and corona viruses? Then you need a limited virucidal product. Since Corona has been raging in our latitudes, the range of effective spectra of disinfectants has been expanded to include the category "limited virucidal plus". These products are also declaring war on corona viruses such as the novel SARS-CoV-2. Many hand disinfectants are based on alcohols such as ethanol and isopropanol. It is important to know that a high alcohol content is essential for effectiveness against germs. A disinfectant can only eradicate enveloped viruses from an alcohol content of 70 percent.

Guaranteed non-hazardous hand disinfectant from Wiesenberg

Our disinfectant is completely harmless and represents a real innovation. In addition to natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and Litsea Cubeba oil, we at Wiesenberg also process an exclusive care ingredient that protects your hands from drying out. Our disinfectant contains 70 percent ethanol, so it cleans but also provides a moment of pampering thanks to the care ingredient. Test our product and see for yourself!

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